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How do you communicate as a researcher with your colleagues, supervisors, or external organisations? Take my communication training and learn to cooperate effectively and to prevent miscommunication. Whether you are a PhD student, postdoc, assistant professor, associate professor or professor, my courses help you in your academic career. Also if you work at governmental organizations and at private companies.

Learn about communication styles, networking, public-private partnerships, negotiating, presenting, work-life balance, assertiveness and personal development. Together, we will discover your communication styles and unique talents. Gain insight into your qualities, and create successful multi-disciplinary collaborations between research, policy and practice.

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Workshops about nutrition

Discover what is healthy

Want to learn about what is healthy? I teach workshops about healthy nutrition to daycare centers, primary schools, secondary schools, and health organisations. We will answer questions such as: my child does not want to eat vegetables, what can I do? What should I give my child as a snack: bread, a biscuit or a banana? Fresh orange juice or milk?

During this interactive workshop I will help you discover which information in the media you can trust and why. Together, we look at which foods can help you become healthier and what your eating habits are at daycare, school, work and home. Be inspired by new insights and the practical tips to eat healthy that are offered during this workshop.

Ellis is cheerful and lively and she creates original ways to involve her participants. I highly recommend her as a trainer and as a speaker.

Prof. Martijn Katan PhD

Public-private partnerships

Are you curious about how to create a public-private partnership where all partners are satisfied? Join this training and learn how to keep your scientific integrity under difficult circumstances.

Work-life balance

Do you always feel like you never have enough time at home or at the office? In this work-life balance training you learn how to say no with a successful outcome without compromising the relationship.

Chair or speaker

Do you need a chair or speaker for your expert meeting or for your team outing? I can help you develop an inspiring day for your employees or colleagues and make sure everything will run smoothly.


How to present yourself during a networking conversation? Do you talk a lot about yourself or ask many questions? In this networking training we make sure you get home with concrete tips to try instantly.

Healthy nutrition

Butter or margarine? Milk or fresh orange juice? Rice crackers or regular crackers? Cheese or peanut butter? A slice of bread or a bean salad? After this workshop you will know what is healthy and why it is healthy.

About Ellis Vyth, PhD

After studying Nutrition and Health at Wageningen University I obtained my PhD at VU University Amsterdam. During my postdoctoral research there I developed my own research line in the field of healthy nutrition in schools, healthy school canteens and healthy worksite cafeterias. I was in charge of developing public-private partnerships, acquiring subsidies and supervising junior researchers and PhD students. Additionally, I advised daycare centers, schools, companies and governmental organisations how to strengthen their nutrition policy and evaluate the effects. I am an expert in creating multi-disciplinary collaborations between research, policy and practice.


Currently, I am working as a freelance trainer. I give communication training to researchers. In these trainings we use real life situations where I use my 11 years of acting experience. Because of my academic background I know which communication skills are necessary for researchers. My passion is to inspire researchers to discover their own unique qualities. Furthermore, I am frequently asked to give workshops and lectures about nutrition, health and science communication to diverse groups, such as business clubs, general practitioners, daycare centers, schools, and volunteering organisations.

In my free time I enjoy cycling in the forests and hiking in the mountains with my husband and three kids.

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Certified trainer

Education & experience

  • Trainer at Hertz trainings for scientists.
  • Trainer at Mennen Training & Consultancy.
  • Trainer at Brickhouse Academy.
  • Trainer at Hakuna Matata, science & media.
  • Professional training Train the Trainer. School for Training of Karin de Galan, Amsterdam.

Nutrition scientist

Education & experience

  • Postdoctoral researcher at VU University Amsterdam.
  • PhD obtained at VU University Amsterdam.
  • MSc Nutrition and Health at Wageningen University.
  • BSc Nutrition and Health at Wageningen University cum laude.

Ellis is an passioned and enthusiastic trainer and she gives a lot of energy. Ellis’ training is dynamic and interactive, and requires a lot of action of the participants. Because of her solid preparation and dedication to her group, participants learn many new skills that they can put into practice immediately. In short, she is an excellent trainer.

Louise Mennen PhD, owner Mennen Training & Consultancy

Ellis is an enthusiastic and inspiring trainer. She is an expert in her field and is able to combine her expertise with personal attention to all participants.

Brigitte Hertz PhD, owner Hertz trainings for scientists

Dr. Ellis Vyth developed herself from an excellent scientist to a very good trainer who is able to lead sessions about the complexity of how to link research, policy and practice. She is able to reflect on all the different perspectives by appreciating the values of the different stakeholders involved. In the same time, she will create a joint solution. She is able to build public-private partnerships without conflicts of interests. She always gives these trainings with great enthusiasm.

Prof. Jaap Seidell, PhD


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